1388 East 900 North

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this property.

$995.00 Per Month, Security
Deposit The Same.

No Pets inside or out,
No Smoking inside or out.


Text Us At 435-753-8180

We don't rent rooms, We're not a boarding house, We're not in the hotel/motel business. A bunch of buddies or girlfriends only means quick departures. We're not into the musical chairs of the rotation business of housing, known as assignments and subletting, buddies or girlfriends come and go.
Please don't ask for this kind of arrangement.

We have other rentals

We Give Out Applications
When Showing The Place

It's Important To Understand That We Have Rules or Policies To Follow, If You Can Not Live By Those Rules or Policies It's Best To Find Another Place To Live. Policies Are Not Straitjackets But Guidelines To Protect The Property